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Online Curriculum Resources

Harnessing the latest advancements in technology, we provide doctors with a multimodal form of curriculum delivery.  Doctor Mentor has a dedicated interactive E-learning platform that has the capacity to host thousands of users simultaneously with a learning management system that help doctors and Trusts track progress along a suite of online courses.  These E-learning courses make use of AI Chief Mentor Avatars to clearly deliver content. This enables Doctor Mentor to scale up the virtual support available, use resources effectively and protect our real Chief Mentors to conduct valuable in-person teaching and mentoring. 


The platform allows us to conduct surveys, quizzes and virtual escape rooms to deliver teaching in a gamified way.  These are adjuncts to the in-person and virtual sessions which are mapped against the core mentoring curriculum.  This will enable further personalisation because doctors will be able to tap into the resources that they need, on demand.

Content Across a Range of Platforms

Doctors will also have access to a free podcast called ‘More than a Medic’, where they will be able to listen to positive news stories and educational well-being content. Studies have demonstrated that positive news is of vital importance to the wellbeing of people. The focus of the podcast will be uplifting, humorous and motivating. Doctors are surrounded by difficulty, suffering and trauma on a daily basis, and from our research, doctors reported a real need for some positivity within the medical world. The podcast will be a platform for interviewing guest speakers who are experts in wellbeing and will provide specific advice as to how doctors, with their unique lifestyle challenges, can apply their tips to real-life and make a significant difference. 

Doctor Mentor’s ‘Youtube Channel’ will be another platform for providing educational and wellbeing content. Access to the podcast will be available through this channel, as will a variety of content. 

Currently Doctor Mentor has instagram, facebook and LinkedIn profiles because this is currently the mainstay of how doctors prefer social media content, based on our research. Our media platforms will be used to provide educational material, wellbeing tips and as part of our marketing strategy to advertise our upcoming events. The content will be productive, positive and provide solutions.