About Doctor Mentor

Doctor Mentor aims to be who we all truly needed at every stage of our career. We support doctors in a variety of ways; upskilling via courses, resources and e-learning, providing unique national opportunities and personal mentoring. All whilst forming a network of like minded doctors in a positive and supportive society. 

Doctor Mentor is created by doctors for doctors and so the events, webinars and online resources are designed based upon request from doctors themselves. We truly understand the imminent needs of doctors as we are doctors.

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“A society of doctors dedicated to fostering a culture of empowerment, growth, and personal wellbeing in the NHS.”

Our mission is to provide personalised mentorship to the next generation of NHS doctors, empowering and inspiring them to become successful and fulfilled healthcare professionals. By prioritising individual growth and development, we aim to create a supportive environment from the ground up, enabling doctors to provide exceptional care while promoting their personal wellbeing and happiness. Our commitment to mentorship is rooted in the belief that a fulfilled and motivated doctor will create a ripple effect in delivering the highest quality of care to patients and building a brighter future for the NHS.

Wellbeing Champions

Our local Wellbeing Champions for Doctor Mentor promote and support the mental health and wellbeing of participating doctors, and help them to manage stress and maintain their health while they participate in the mentoring program. By providing support and resources, monitoring wellbeing, and addressing issues and concerns, our Wellbeing Champions can help to create a supportive and healthy environment for doctors to grow and develop professionally.

Overview of the Wellbeing & PPD Curriculum

Explore our core curriculum and personalise the mentoring programme by choosing which areas you would like to focus on.  Each curriculum topic is delivered across a variety of platforms, to provide you with choice.  These include in-person and virtual events, e-learning videos with our virtual avatar Chief Mentors, online blogs and podcasts.  The aim is to help you develop confidence by learning about a topic, giving you the opportunity to put those skills in action, and then mentor others in the skill that you have now mastered!