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Doctor Mentor's Safety and Compliance Committee

The Safety and Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring that Doctor Mentor complies with all relevant safety and regulatory requirements.

The committee includes individuals with expertise in safety and compliance, as well as representatives from the programme’s legal team and other relevant stakeholders. Their primary responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying and addressing potential safety and compliance risks associated with the programme
  2. Developing policies and procedures to ensure that the programme complies with all applicable regulations and standards
  3. Monitoring and reporting on compliance with safety and regulatory requirements
  4. Ensuring that participants in the program receive appropriate training on safety and compliance issues
  5. Investigating and addressing any safety or compliance incidents that occur during the program.


Overall, the Safety and Compliance Committee plays a critical role in ensuring that the program operates safely and within the confines of regulatory requirements, thereby protecting the well-being of participants and safeguarding the integrity of Doctor Mentor.