Becoming a Chief Mentor!

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Medic Mentor brings together a diverse network of doctors, dentists, vets, medical students, secondary students, parents, and teachers. We are dedicated to supporting students in their pursuit of rewarding careers in healthcare.

As our Chief Mentor, you will play a pivotal role in mentoring and teaching secondary school students about their chosen healthcare professions. You will have the unique opportunity to create educational resources such as captivating videos, insightful blogs, and engaging e-learning materials. Your expertise and enthusiasm will inspire and guide aspiring medical students throughout their application journey and beyond.

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Teaching Medical students

As a Chief mentor you will develop skills that will help you apply to training jobs, jobs in the tech and business world and develop as a leader. Previous Chief Mentors have gone on to apply for prestigious training programmes such as neurosurgery, core surgical training, research jobs and many more.

As a mentor within this programme, you will play a pivotal role in empowering and guiding medical students who have been granted a Medic Mentor Scholarship. These students, handpicked for their exceptional abilities, are poised to become the future leaders in the field of healthcare. Your expertise and mentorship will help shape their careers, inspire their ambitions, and make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape. As a Chief Mentor you will engage with scholarship students, providing invaluable guidance and support throughout their academic and professional development. Drawing on your extensive knowledge and experience, you will deliver engaging and interactive teaching sessions that enhance their understanding of medical concepts, sharpen their critical thinking skills, and foster a deep appreciation for the intricacies of healthcare.

Your role as a mentor will extend beyond teaching. You will serve as a trusted advisor, assisting students in navigating the challenges they may encounter along their educational journey. You will provide personalised guidance, helping them to identify research opportunities, pursue elective placements, and explore specialised areas within the medical field. Through regular one-on-one meetings and group workshops, you will offer career advice, help them refine their study strategies, and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

Your teaching skills, combined with your ability to connect with and inspire students, will be instrumental in their success.

Develop skills

As a Chief Mentor you will develop skills that will help you apply to prestigious training jobs, medical education posts, research posts, jobs in business and tech. Previous Chief Mentors have gone on to apply for jobs in neurosurgery, core surgical training, research and many more.

Chief Mentors also go on to expand their professional scope with future careers in medical education, medical business and technology job.

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At Medic Mentor, we value diversity and welcome mentors at any stage of medical training or experience. While significant experience is not a requirement, we are seeking candidates who are eager to learn and become an integral part of our supportive team. Your love for teaching and healthcare, coupled with your ability to inspire the next generation of future dentists, will drive your success in this role.