Become A Wellbeing Champion!

We really need the help of motivated and enthusiastic healthcare professionals to encourage more Trusts and individuals to get involved in Doctor Mentor.  We want to support every healthcare professional out there who would benefit from additional mentoring and wellbeing support.  Only then, can we collectively make a real difference to address and negative of toxic cultures, behaviours and practices that we experience in the workplace.  

Working with us to promote a positive mindset of collaboration and wellbeing, could be one of the most reward and impactful things that you could do to help the colleagues around you and make a difference to your profession as a whole.  If you care about making a difference to NHS culture, the working lives your colleagues and the overall progression of your profession, then we want to work with you.  Please support us in our mission by applying to be come a Wellbeing Champion, and leader with your NHS Trust.

Roles and Responsibilities of A Wellbeing Champion

Wellbeing Champions play a very important role as the link between the national team and the local Trust.  It is a voluntary position and an opportunity to master skills of leadership, innovation, management and networking.  You will be part of a nationwide network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about promoting the health and welfare of healthcare professionals everywhere.

As a Doctor Mentor Wellbeing Champion you will embody the role of

As a Wellbeing Champion you will be an invaluable link between Doctor Mentor and your local Trust.  Your role will involve expanding our reach to as many healthcare professionals within your Trust, and creating awareness around positive culture and the resources that your colleagues can use.  

You will also be networking with a variety of local stakeholders and employers.  Taking meetings and creating partnerships with support services that already exist.  

As a Doctor Mentor Wellbeing Champion you will be a role model and mentor to your colleagues within your Trust. You will help to facilitate in-person events and help the central operations team to ensure that programmes and resources are tailored to your colleagues, based on your advice.  

You will be someone that your colleagues can turn to for support and guidance.  You will have good knowledge of support services on the ground in order to be able to direct your mentees to the most appropriate resources.

You will help us to create new educational resources that will serve your local community, as well as nationally.

As a Doctor Mentor Wellbeing Champion, you will be a leader of local impactful wellbeing and mentoring programmes.  You will be an innovator and help to solve problems that your colleagues are facing.  You will be supported by an extensive network of peers who work across the UK.  Practically, you will be involved in presenting to others, creating awareness and sharing your vision of a positive culture within your NHS Trust.