Resources for NHS Trusts & Employers

Doctors within the NHS are reporting significant challenges within our healthcare system. Research conducted by the 2022 GMC national training survey has demonstrated that 63% of trainees and 52% of doctors working as trainers are at ‘moderate’ or ‘high risk’ of burnout. Burnout can ultimately lead to doctors leaving the profession. 

An effective mentoring programme has a positive wellbeing impact on staff, making them feel less stressed and more fulfilled at work. These programmes are incredibly cost effective and can save an average Trust £14.245 million. To learn more, click the button below.

A Comprehensive Wellbeing & Mentoring Curriculum

Explore our core curriculum and personalise the mentoring programme by choosing which areas you would like to focus on.  Each curriculum topic is delivered across a variety of platforms, to provide your healthcare professionals with choice.  These include in-person and virtual events, e-learning videos with our virtual avatar Chief Mentors, online blogs and podcasts.  The aim is to help your staff develop confidence by learning about a topic, giving them the opportunity to put those skills into action, and then mentor others in the skill that they have now mastered!

Clinical & Non-Clinical Careers Support for your Staff

Doctor Mentors Clinical Careers Support Mentoring programme for doctors provides comprehensive support and guidance to help physicians achieve their professional goals and advance in their careers. By providing experienced mentors, individualised support, professional development opportunities, networking opportunities, long-term support, and accountability and goal setting, our programme can help doctors build successful and fulfilling careers in medicine. 

Doctors who are also aware of non-clinical career options can be better equipped to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape and contribute to the improvement of the industry as a whole.

Access A Portfolio of Online Resources

Harnessing the latest advancements in technology, we provide doctors with a multimodal form of curriculum delivery.  Doctor Mentor has a dedicated interactive E-learning platform that has the capacity to host thousands of users simultaneously with a learning management system that help doctors and Trusts track progress along a suite of online courses.  These E-learning courses make use of AI Chief Mentor Avatars to clearly deliver content. This enables Doctor Mentor to scale up the virtual support available, use resources effectively and protect our real Chief Mentors to conduct valuable in-person teaching and mentoring. 

The platform allows us to conduct surveys, quizzes and virtual escape rooms to deliver teaching in a gamified way.  These are adjuncts to the in-person and virtual sessions which are mapped against the core mentoring curriculum.  This will enable further personalisation because doctors will be able to tap into the resources that they need, on demand.

Host Wellbeing Events & Seminars

The Doctor Mentor programme will run from August to September. This ensures a provision of continuous mentoring and wellbeing support, with no gaps and mirrors the transition phases that most doctors experience themselves, when they move from post to post. The programme curriculum runs again and again on a rolling yearly basis.  This ensures that doctors and Trusts can join at any point.