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Doctor Mentor's Recruitment & Engagement Committee

The Recruitment and Engagement Committee is responsible for recruiting and engaging doctors to participate in Doctor Mentor programmes. The committee works to identify and attract qualified candidates who would benefit from the mentoring and support provided by the program.

The committee is composed of members with experience in recruitment and marketing, as well as medical professionals who can help to identify potential candidates.

Key Responsibilities of the Recruitment & Engagement Committee

  1. Developing a marketing strategy: The committee is responsible for creating a marketing strategy that will attract potential participants to the program. This involves developing promotional materials, reaching out to medical schools and hospitals, and utilising social media and other online platforms to spread the word.
  2. Identifying potential candidates: The committee identifies potential candidates who are likely to benefit from the programme. This may involve reaching out to medical schools, hospitals, and other organisations to find candidates who meet the programme’s criteria.
  3. Engaging participants: Once candidates are identified, the committee must engage with them to encourage their participation in the program. This may involve organising informational sessions, answering questions about the programme, and providing support throughout the application process.
  4. Monitoring participant satisfaction: The committee must monitor participant satisfaction and make changes to the program as needed to ensure that it meets the needs of the doctors involved.