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Doctor Mentor's Education & Mentoring Committee

The Education and Mentoring Committee are a group of individuals tasked with overseeing and coordinating the educational and mentoring aspects of Doctor Mentor. This committee is composed of senior medical professionals, educators, and administrators with experience in the field.

The committee’s primary responsibilities include designing and implementing educational and mentoring programs that support the personal and professional development of participating doctors. This involves developing curricula, organising workshops and training sessions, and providing resources and support to facilitate ongoing learning.

Additionally, the committee would be responsible for overseeing the overall well-being of participating doctors, ensuring that their mental and emotional health is supported throughout the program. This may involve providing access to mentoring and other support services, as well as monitoring the overall health and wellness of participants.

Overall, the Education and Mentoring Committee would play a crucial role in ensuring that participating doctors receive the support and guidance they need to succeed both personally and professionally.