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Inspiring Teachers, Family and Friends By Riyan Shah

April 9, 2020
Inspiring Teachers, Family and Friends By Riyan Shah

My name is Riyan Shah and I have become a volunteer for Medic Mentor to spread awareness and gain support for the doctors on the front line in this COVID-19 crisis. We have all faced a huge amount of uncertainty in these unprecedented times however. I strongly believe that the actions and steps one takes, contributes hugely to determining the final outcome. Taking this into account, I thought about the measures I could carry out to try and help the community from my own home.

This opportunity to campaign for the health and wellbeing of Frontline staff is phenomenal. A chance that I simply couldn’t turn down! As an aspiring doctor with a strong passion for medicine, I was determined to offer my support, always giving 100% and showing my dedication to this worthy cause. As I compiled my campaign, I kept in mind the dilemma facing medical staff in this current environment and the challenges that they encounter every day.

The skills that this volunteering experience has equipped me with have been invaluable. The teamwork involved in this project is massive – collaborating with people of all ages is vital to brainstorm and implement ideas to achieve real results. I have also been able to improve and develop my networking skills – being given independence to prioritize and manage the contacts I engage with. Above all, I have truly learnt the sincere generosity and benevolence of people eager to donate to this deserving cause. My family and friends have responded with overwhelming kindness hoping to increase NHS morale and lift the spirits of workers on the frontline. I have written the campaign I compiled below to give you all some inspiration to make a difference in these difficult times:

“When an earthquake occurs, the tremors begin in the epicentre and then they spread out to invade neighboring countries. It’s much the same with COVID-19 – it started in Wuhan as a small, newly-emerging virus but with every action that has failed to be implemented, it has grown and developed, with the potential for devastating consequences. With the World Health Organisation, having declared the coronavirus as a pandemic: is it not time to load the artillery and fight back?

This disease now poses a serious risk to the lives of foreigners, loved ones and dedicated NHS staff. The remarkable health staff who work endlessly to save the lives of others whilst putting their own life at risk on the frontline; they deserve better. Much better.

Make a real difference by visiting: https://medicmentor.co.uk/how-to-become-a-doctor-covid-19-mission/

Even a small donation can help shield and support those who keep everyone healthy.

These heroes of society are putting their lives on the line to combat this disease – it’s time that our appreciation extends further than just a thank you or a smile. We NEED to pull together to provide comfort and support for those who are exposed to the disease on a daily basis. We NEED to help fund the welfare of the staff, who although they feel down come in to work to save lives. We, as a society, NEED to protect the people who protect us.”

Dr Quinn, President of Medic Mentor, has released a comment on Riyan’s volunteering activities:

‘Riyan has demonstrated remarkable initiative and compassion through his volunteering work.  By contacting his teachers, family and friends with this beautifully written campaign letter, not only has he had positive replies, but he has also inspired others to join the campagin as volunteers and donate to help us reach our £10,000 goal.  All of these qualities will make him an incredible future doctor and Scholar.  I am also impressed by the fact that Riyan is only in Year 10, which shows that it does not matter how old you are, if you have the drive to make a difference, you will.  Please accept my gratitude Riyan, as President of Medic Mentor, and as a front-line doctor who is part of the NHS.  Thank you.’ 

If you would like to get involved as a campaign volunteer and also contirbute safely from your own home to a fantastic cause, please visit:


Pictured, bottom left Riyan Shah Year 10 School Ambassador for Watford Boys Grammar School and Awards Student, standing next to Dr Lauren Quinn, President of Medic Mentor at a Get into Medicine Conference on the 9th February.  Riyan delivered a student presentation (video below right) on his student experiences being on the Medical Leadership Programme and setting up Medical Society at school. He talks about why he chose to become a doctor.  Congratualtions Riyan on all of your incredible accomplishments, from all of the Doctors at Medic Mentor!



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